Save time and boost productivity with consolidated statistics and automated network reporting.

Affiliate marketers often spend considerable time checking and downloading statistics reports from multiple affiliate and PPC networks. AffClicks automates this process saving valuable time and effort allowing you to focus on more productive higher level tasks to grow your business.

Affiliate Networks Listing

Get automated statistics reporting from all the major affiliate networks in the UK and Australia including Affiliate Window, Tradedoubler, Commission Junction, Webgains, Zanox and many others. See how your Adwords spend is performing with full Adwords integration.

Quickly identify changes needed to boost PPC campaign profits and turn around loss-making campaigns. Determine overall profitability of a PPC campaign down to the ad group, ad and keyword level

AffClicks expands and extends the reporting tools offered by PPC networks. It modifies the focus from a merchant-centric to an affiliate-centric model.

Financial Key Performance Indicators List

Boost your productivity with automated KPI measurement, user alerts and recommendations based on user-defined goals. Affiliate marketers generate a significant volume of data that without an automated tool like AffClicks they don't have the time or money to analyse for maximum return.

Gain greater visual insights into your data with comprehensive graphing tools.

Affclicks allows you to pick exactly which acconts/campaigns/keywords/merchants etc matter to you when viewing your data.

From a high level account overview as shown here to something very specific like a single merchant's average weekly click through rate over the period of a year and everything in between.

Store user-generated keyword phrases from organic and paid search. Identify the phrases generating sales and leads and add them instantly to your PPC campaigns

Boost your ad CTR, clickthrough rates to merchants, quality score and overall impression share by adding more relevant user-generated exact and phrase match keywords.

Increase your PPC profits with comprehensive campaign ROI measurement and real-time bid management tools. Affclicks precisely pinpoints which keywords are driving sales/ leads and which are just adding to costs. AffClicks will transform loss making keywords into profit makers and profit makers into star performers.

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