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What is AffClicks?

AffClicks provides profitability analytics for affiliate marketers. The main focus of these analytics is profitability analysis - as opposed to traffic metrics which you get from most online web analytics products (although we cover most of these as well). AffClicks downloads cost data from you PPC ad campaigns at regular, user-defined intervals. It then analyses the cost data from the overall campaign level through to the keyword phrase level and compares it against commission data downloaded and aggregated from our many supported Affiliate networks.

This process of gathering and analysing costs and revenues using AffClicks' automated tracking and reporting systems provides affiliate marketers with a comprehensive overview of their overall PPC performance. From the current financial position of each campaign, to the profitability of each individual keyword, Affclicks provides affiliates with the information and the tools they need to make informed decisions and to action them. AffClicks makes it easy for affiliates to improve their campaign profits and to spend their PPC budgets in the most effective way that generates a better ROI.


Consolidate your affiliate network, search traffic and PPC data in one place. No more jumping between different data sources.


Optimise your search campaigns for maximum profitability with our reporting, analytical and management tools.


Automate your PPC/Sales/Leads reporting and PPC campaign management. Save time and boost your productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks.

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